Platform with skirt

We offer standard inclusions in our platforms and are always happy to work with our customers to customise bails & bracketing to suit your requirements as we understand that everyone had different needs and we can offer this flexibility. Our inclusions are:

  • 2 Electric Drive, increasing to 3 for 80 units & 4 for 100 and above units
  • Auto start / stop at entrance gate
  • Standard bail included is a D type
  • Bails made to suit feeders
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing of bails
  • Concrete for deck is supplied
  • Wheel guards fitted to all wheels
  • Platform can slope in or outwards
  • Rotation of platform in clockwise or anti clockwise

Our options include:

  • Stainless Steep options (from deck up)
  • Individual Feeders
  • 65mm Tee & Leg
  • Wider Platform – 1800mm
  • External Skirt around platform
  • Stainless steel internal skirt around platform
  • Backing bars
  • Claw drop brackets
  • Auto Grease Pump
  • Contact us if you have any other options you would like to discuss
  • Bail options as shown below

Being able to offer a variety of bail options allows us to customise out platform to suit your needs. We have 3 main options with variations available within these designs.

D Type Dummy Bail

D Type Dummy Bail with Half Covers

The D Type Dummy bail is our standard bail. It is made completely of pipe and is suitable if you don’t intend to have a lot of equipment in the bail. Equipment such as jetters and cup removers can still fit in the bail. We have options for half cover (pictured) & full covers on the bail.

Pressed Steel Dummy Bail

Large Pressed Steel

The pressed steel dummy bail is 3mm plate steel, folded to make a bail that has been designed with style, strength, and for maximum protection of electronic milking equipment, cup removers, etc. The bail is tapered to the top to allow more room for the cow to enter the bail.

Tear Drop Bail


The tear drop bail is designed with large cows with big pins, it also gives sufficient room for computerised milking equipment & cup removers. The bail can be fitted with guards to protect equipment.