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Rotary Dairy Platform

Why Choose an Allenby Platform?

Allenby Engineering have been a leading manufacturer of rotary platforms for 30 years now with 100’s of platforms located Australia wide and has exported platforms to 14 different countries.

Allenby Engineering’s method of construction has proven itself to be a reliable and durable structure whilst keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Our platform is a reinforced concrete platform drive by electric drive units. The platform revolves on solid steel machine rollers which sit beneath the galvanized under structure of the platform. The rollers themselves are mounted on steel pedestals.

The platform has built in safety features and can be fitted with any of the latest milking equipment and electronics a farmer may require.

Some features of the Allenby Platform

  • Platforms individually designed to suit farmers needs & milking equipment
  • Size can be determined by need we can build from a 30 unit to 100 unit and beyond
  • Fast installation of platform on-site
  • Hot dipped galvanized steel work structure throughout (stainless steel options)
  • 85mm reinforced concrete cow standing platform
  • Electric drive units
  • Fibreglass applied to leg bail where in contact with concrete to prevent rust
  • Feeding system available to suit individual cow requirement
  • Electronic adjustable speed control conveniently located for operator
  • Safety guards fitted on all wheels and rollers
  • Emergency stop button at both cups on and cups off positions

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